What to wear in a hot summer day

This summer will be very hot!

The first outfit I like to wear in summer is a maxi dress and sandals. It is just perfect look and I feel so comfortable in it, I’m not sweating. If the dress is with the open back is better, because it’s not only comfortable but also beautiful. I’m obsessed with summer maxi dresses!

Flower printed mini dress, oh I love it. White, pink, red, rose, blue – you can choose any color and you will look supercute, I swear.

T’-shirt and denim shorts. Classic. If you are obsessed with some rock band this is your time to wear it. You can choose a tee with a band you love and wear it with denim shorts, you will look modern and stylish always. And of course you will be happy to wear a t-shirt with your favorite band and not look like “I’m living in 2007”.

One more variant is a jumpsuit. First of all is the absolute must have of this season. You can find a jumpsuit of any color, any material, any style, length ecc. Just find the right one for you.

For summer evenings you can choose ripped jeans and a loose shirt. I prefer white shirts and blue jeans because it is always good looking. You can choose any color you like.

If you love black, black and only black and just can’t wear something else, even grey, I have a decision for you. Just find the right material, the color doesn’t matter if the material is too hot for summer. If you wear something you should feel comfortable in it. I think it is the most important thing.

I know, these are my thoughts, my choice and my opinion, but I hope it’ll help you to find clothes for summer without suffering and wear them with pleasure.


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