Stylish Storage: Why Keep Whiskey in a Decanter?

The recent boom of small-batch distillers and interest in craft cocktails harkens back to the styles and customs of generations past. Absinthe spoons are on the bar, and there’s a whiskey decanter in the den of every would-be Mad Man.


Whiskey, unlike wine, does not improve in the bottle so decanting whiskey is predominantly an aesthetic practice. Still, the satisfaction of partaking in a custom dating back centuries is impossible to deny and you can be sure that years of use will make your decanter an heirloom to hand down to the next generation.

The shape and surface of a decanter showcase the three-dimensionality of the vessel but also create a visual depth of the whiskey itself. Likewise, when enjoyed in the proper glass, the pleasure of drinking superior quality spirits increases in magnitude.

A stunning crystal decanter and a flight of tasting glasses represents the height of craftsmanship and perpetuates the ancient ritual of the enjoyment of exceptional whiskey. Single-malt whiskey, handcrafted bourbon, and artisanal scotch deserve crystal as much as does a fine wine.

Whether you’re drinking a smoky single malt from the Scottish Highlands or a complex bourbon from the hills of Kentucky, hand-crafted crystal whiskey glasses are designed to enhance each distillation and allow for full appreciation of appearance, taste, aroma, and finish. Choose from:

  • Nosing glasses- distinct design common in distilleries, the smaller tapered opening concentrates aromas to maximize enjoyment.
  • Single Malt glasses-design opens up at the lip allowing the spirit to open up as you sip without an overwhelming nose.
  • NEAT glasses-relatively new design, large surface for evaporation of vapors. Neck narrows to concentrate aromas, then widens to allow harsh alcohol to diffuse before sipping.
  • Tumblers-old school low-ball glass with plenty of room for ice.
  • Rocking or Swirling glasses-beveled bottom design allows the glass to rotate on a flat surface helping to release aromas and flavors.


For connoisseurs serious about their spirits, nothing says sophistication like a classic decanter and a flight of whiskey glasses. A salute to a time when practicality and utility did not get in the way of tradition, they are an elegant, timeless expression of individuality and appreciation. The only question that remains is which whiskey to honor with decanting?

Fine spirits merit a place of honor on the bar. Premier whiskey in a hand-crafted crystal decanter adds elegance and luxury to the bar and are a testament to good taste. Equally stunning in traditional or modern design, a crystal whiskey decanter is a gift they’ll treasure forever. Which will you choose?

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