Few Samples Of Wedding Guest Book That You May Select For Your Wedding Day

Wedding day is one of the most important days of our life and we must make this day memorable in many different ways. Now with the availability of technology many new innovative ideas are available for taking photographs, creating guestbook or wedding cards so on and so forth. In this article, we shall talk about the wedding guestbook that are found in the market. You can choose any one particular one based on your budget and choice.

  1. Jenga wedding guest book

If you want to host any game during your wedding night then this guest book can be your choice. You can ask your guest to put their individual comments on each Jenga box. Later on you can either make your own jenga box out of them or whenever you play jenga game, you will remember about your important day.

  1. Polaroid guest book

In this guest book, you can offer each of your guests to use Polaroid camera and take their individual photograph. Your Polaroid camera must have enough films so that none of your guests are disappointed.  Every guest can put their own comment on the photograph and you can create an album out of them. This will serve as very good photo memory of your wedding day.

  1. Signature tree guest book

You can create a tree and in every leaf of the tree your guests can put their signature. This will be one of your valuable possessions that will remind you about this day for many long years.

  1. Thumb print wedding guest book

Here too you can create a tree and each of the leaves of the tree will be a thumb print of your guest. Guest scan also put their name or signature if they wish. It will finally look like a very fine artwork, which you and your partner will remember forever.

  1. Wedding guest book puzzle

In every puzzle pieces, your guest can either include their name or signature, which you can put together to complete the puzzle. You may later on hang this puzzle on your wall too.

  1. Wedding guest book wood sign board

You can get a very wonderful and decorative wooden make guest book and on every piece of wood you may obtain signature of your guests. Later one this will be a very nice piece to be hanged on the wall.

  1. Message in a container wedding guest book

You may ask each of your guests to put some personal message of wisdom for you, which you can put inside a well decorated box. Later on, you can read all these messages and enjoy reading them.

  1. Wedding guest quilt

In this guest book, you will provide a piece of fabric to each of your guests on which they may sign and write some message. Later you take each piece of fabric and sew them to create a quilt.

  1. Wedding guest book with wooden hearts

There will be heart shaped wooden piece where your guest will sign and later on you may decorate them in a nice wooden frame.

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