Guide on Buying a Mandolin for the First time

A mandolin is one of the musical instruments that come with a very unique sound. Have you fallen in love with this unique sound? Then you could be considering to buy one for your personal use. The first thing you need to understand is that there are various types of mandolins in the market. Some of the styles that you will be coming across include the resonators, electrics, bowl-backs, flat-tops, flat-backs, F-style, A-style and many more. Moreover, there are other stringed versions of mandolin that include 4 stringed, 8 stringed and 5-stringed mandolins. You need to do a lot of research to understand the type of mandolin you need to purchase. You could be longing for Handcrafted mandolins but you don’t know where to begin. Below is a brief guide on how to buy your first mandolin.

  • Understand the Type of Music You Would Like to Play

Each type of mandolin is suited for a given kind of music. For instance, a person who enjoys the beautiful classical sounds may find the A-style mandolin to be very ideal. In addition, people who incline towards bluegrass persuasion and country music may preferably buy the F-style mandolin. There are several types of music and we cannot cover all of them in this session. You could get more ideas by listening to different professionals from the available genres like Keith Harris or Bill Monroe beforehand. You can also speak to a music professional or join music forums to get more insights. It can be very devastating to buy a mandolin that does not fit into your style of music.

  • Have a Feel of the Instrument You Wish to Buy

As a professional, I will advise you to visit the nearest music shop and have a feel of the instrument you wish to purchase.Mandolins come in various sizes and shapes and you need to get one that will fit in your hands perfectly. You cannot concentrate on the sound alone and overlook the comfort of holding this music instrument. If you don’t have the confidence of choosing a mandolin by listening to the sound and trying it out, you can go with your music teacher to help you in choosing one. The very least you will get from the music teacher is a second opinion. Remember, you will have to break the mandolin before you get its true sound and potential. These tips will assist you to get out and buy an excellent music instrument that will not disappoint you.

  • Don’t be in a Hurry

It’s always advisable to take your time while buying a mandolin for the first time. Don’t allow those fancy styling and decorations that come with some mandolins to deceive you. The most important thing is the playability of the music instrument. Try several body styles, finger board variants, and different neck lengths. The process of choosing your first mandolin should not be a challenge. The process can turn out to be educational and fun as long as you use the right approach. Take time to understand the various sounds, sizes and shapes and then use your personal preferences to make a choice.

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