Are You Going to Install Split Air Conditioner in Your Room?

During summer season, the temperature becomes too high and it is too uncomfortable inside the room if you do not turn on your air conditioner. Nowadays a number of companies are manufacturing split air conditioners that not only takes less space inside the room, but also produces very little noise.

However, installation of split air conditioner in a room is a crucial job. If you do not install your split air conditioner in proper manner then you will not get required amount of cooling effect that your air conditioner is designed to provide. Also, if the air conditioner is not installed in proper manner then it may need frequent maintenance related problem that none of you will like.

Following are few factors that you need to consider while you are installing split air conditioner in your room.

  • Wall should be strong enough to hold the Air conditioner

If you are planning to install split AC supplied by Lloyd, which needs very strong wall, it can hold the air conditioner in a secure manner. The air conditioner has certain amount of weight and hence a weak wall may get cracked after few months, as it will also produce some amount of vibration.

  • Need to provide little space between wall and the AC unit

When you are going to install split AC on the wall then there should be minimum 15 cm gap between the wall and the AC so that the air flow can suitably transfer inside the room.

  • AC must be installed at certain height from the ground

Usually, the AC needs to be installed at 7 to 8 feet above the ground level, as cold air is denser than hot air. Hence, cold air will flow down and cool the temperature of the room.

  • Installation bracket must be tilted at certain angle from the wall

When the bracket has to be fixed on the wall then make sure that it is slightly tilted at an angle from the wall so that when the split air conditioner is fitted in the bracket it is also tilted. This will facilitate unrestricted flow of cool air in the room.

  • Decide suitable location of the outdoor unit

Split AC is supplied with external unit, which is meant for transferring hot air. It must be installed at outside location so that it remains protected from rain and sunlight. Also make sure that there is no hindrance around this unit so that hot air can freely flow outside.

  • Install outdoor unit on rigid surface

The outdoor units supplied by Mitashi carries plenty of weight and therefore it is necessary that while fixing this unit the wall surface must be sufficiently rigid and flat as well. This unit contains few important components like compressor, condenser and fan motors etc. if it is not fixed on any rigid surface then due to its weight it will make the wall weak. Also, there will be vibration when the AC is working. If the wall is not rigid enough then it may produce lots of noise that can be disturbing too.

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