Finding the Best Attractions in Times Square

If you are going on vacation to New York City, you are probably going to want to take the opportunity to see Times Square. Not only does it present you with iconic architecture that residents and tourists alike have identified with the city for years, it also holds some of the best attractions you will find anywhere. Attractions in Times Square include performers, museums, clubs, theaters, and more. Of course, you’ll also want to schedule that time around other trips to iconic sites and attractions in the city, so it helps if you plan ahead to make sure you will have the opportunity to see everything you want to see.

Street Performers and Vendors

One of the most famous attractions to the city, the street performers you will find around the square vary from point to point and day to day, but they always include a diverse array of some of the most iconic characters in pop culture, providing tourists passing through with a great show and the chance to get a picture with their favorite characters. For many of the aspiring actors in the city, these kinds of performing jobs wind up being a great entryway to the industry.

Indoor Attractions in Times Square

There are a number of places you can see in Times Square, too. Not only famous restaurants and clubs in the area, but also museums, seasonal haunted houses, and even some oddball attractions you might recognize from their long history preserving unique aspects of Americana. To make sure you have time to explore the ones you want to see, you’ll need to check out their websites to get a feel for how long you are likely to spend at each one. It might involve planning a couple of days of trips to Times Square, but with advance planning you can also make sure you have the tickets you need for the day you are going if there is anything you want to see that might have a chance of being closed or selling out.

Finding Accommodations Near Times Square

One of the last things you should be looking for is a place to stay. Once you know which attractions in Times Square you are going to see, it will be easier to figure out which hotels in the area will combine the amenities you need and the location that will let you access the most important sights in the city without having to worry a lot about transportation. Once you have that figured out, your trip will be planned and you will just need to get ready.

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