Different Types of Gas Detectors and Their Uses

Gas detectors that are efficient, reliable and effective are essential for a range of industries in science and manufacturing. Engineering, wastewater, emergency services, solar, semiconductor and chemical industries all rely on sound, effective gas detectors to help them protect employees and civilians, so that they can do their job well. Here are a few different types of gas detectors that exist out there, to help you differentiate as you search for a portable gas detector for sale.


This type of gas detector uses chemical oxidation as a measurement. Essentially, the amount of current that is produced within the porous membrane, which is attached to an electrode, acts as a measurement of the concentration of unwanted gas in the atmosphere. Chemical plants, refineries, gas turbines and underground gas mining locations use this type of gas detector.


Light is power! Photoionization gas detectors take advantage of a UV lamp to ionize gas samples. If the ionization energy of the gas is lower than the lamp photos, an electron is released to test the charge of the air. The current that occurs in this reaction can help express what compounds are in the air, and at what levels. Hazmat, environmental monitoring and industrial hygiene industries use this type of monitor.

Catalytic Bead

If you have a combustible gas on hand, a catalytic bead gas detector is what’s needed. It measures on a scale of low to high, for what the explosion limit is of an atmosphere. It’s often used in chemical and manufacturing settings, to measure the effect of silicones, sulfur compounds, chlorinated compounds, and so forth.


A chemical reaction between the air and the sensor of a semiconductor gas detector is what communicates data about specific gases being present, and what their concentration is in the atmosphere. This is how carbon monoxide detectors operate in your home, and in the devices that firefighters use to check that the air is safe.


Acoustics serve as the measurement in this type of gas monitor. These sensors detect any changes in the background noise of a space, which is highly important in registering high-powered gas leaks in time. These monitors are essential for gas and oil industries.

Depending on the industry in which you are working, a different type of portable gas detector for sale may be relevant to meet your needs. It’s a good idea to check out listings available to you online, to compare features, reviews and pricing.

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