Cotton Webbing in Sports and Camping

Cotton webbing is tightly woven into a flat strip to make it much stronger and more durable. This versatile and inexpensive material is useful in many aspects of sports and camping.


Tons of sports-related clothing items use cotton for its breathability, softness, comfort, easiness to wash, and moisture-wicking qualities. Cotton webbing can be used for suspenders, sandals, and sneakers, but it is most often used for belts. In fact, these belts are lightweight yet strong enough to be used commonly in the military. Belts for high-impact outdoor activities can be woven into unique designs by hand or machines.


Cotton webbing is a cheap and strong solution for the straps of backpacks, luggage, bags, and purses. It can be sewn onto leather or canvas bags. This material is pliable for comfortable straps so you can carry large bags full of sports equipment more easily. At the same time, cotton webbing is strong enough to support heavy bags for backpackers or golfers.


Produced with a variety of weights and thicknesses for different purposes, cotton webbing has versatile uses in several sports. It is most notably used in safety harnesses, ropes, and other materials for rock climbers. Woven material is safer in this situation than braided material, which is more prone to dangerous knotting.

One of the most unexpected yet fun uses of cotton webbing is karate belts. These colorful marks of achievement can stand up to years of use in a sweaty, action-packed environment.

Camping Gear

Loops on tents and sleeping bags can be made from cotton webbing. This material can also reinforce tent seams to help tents last longer and keep out the elements. In these cases, the cotton is often coated with materials to protect it from outdoor hazards like sun, water, wind, and fungi.

Cotton webbing is biodegradable, making it a responsible choice for environmentally conscious campers. It retains odors like campfire smoke and mud less than oil-based fabrics. Also, cotton webbing is safer around a fire than synthetic materials. Unlike nylon and polyester, cotton doesn’t melt. When burned, it won’t create melted pieces to drip onto people or property and cause more damage.


The process of thickly weaving materials like cotton can make cheap materials stronger. Extra wide and thick webbing is good for inexpensive outdoor furniture. Cotton webbing is easy to work with and lightweight, so it can produce portable and foldable chairs for watching an outdoor game or relaxing around a campfire.

Different uses require different types of cotton webbing, so do some research to find out what variety you need. For heavy-duty needs like furniture, try 2 inch cotton webbing. For strong yet comfortable belts and straps, start by looking at 1 inch cotton webbing.

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