Common Causes of Chimney Leaks

Chimney leaks are a dangerous situation! If you don’t do the proper repair and maintenance, or find an expert to handle it on your behalf, then you could be left with some serious long-term damage to your fireplace and to your home. Here are some causes that may be causing you to wonder where the best chimney leak repair in Alpharetta, GA, can be found.

Missing Chimney Cap

This simple piece helps protect your chimney when it rains or snows, so that no water goes straight down into your chimney and creating some serious moisture issues. If your fireplace is missing the chimney cap over your home, then you’ll want to invest in one as soon as possible. Different sizes and styles suit different types of chimneys, so make sure you’re getting one that fits.

Deteriorating Mortar

25 years is approximately the average lifespan of chimney mortar. If your home is older than that, the chances are good that your chimney mortar may be steadily deteriorating and in need of some masonry work. This deterioration essentially occurs in cracks forming in the cement, where moisture seeps in and dwells, and the heavier it makes the mortar the more likely it is that the chimney may collapse entirely. That’s not good! Skilled repair work can remedy this issue, so it’s important to find someone with chimney mortar experience.

Flashing Issues

A flashing is the metal part of a chimney that is supposed to create a waterproof seal between the roof and the chimney. Sometimes, it doesn’t succeed. If the flashing isn’t installed correctly, this can let leaks happen all to easily. However, it may not be an installation issue. It could just be that the flashing has rusted out over time, and now needs to be repaired. This piece of a chimney is the one that can deteriorate the fastest, and need to be repaired or replaced most often, simply because of how often it’s working to protect the fireplace. The outside world is a constant slew of moisture in most regions of the country, so you should always keep yourself alert to whether or not the flashing needs a repair.

It’s important to keep a chimney repair specialist giving your chimney regular surveys to make sure that it’s in working order, so that they can identify any damage and prescribe solutions to help keep your chimney in good working condition. Contact an expert for chimney leak repair in Alpharetta, GA, as needed.

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