All About Microblading

If you are unhappy with your brows, want them to be more defined, need them filled in or any other reason, microblading in NYC may be for you. It is a form of tattooing your eyebrows that looks entirely natural. Here is some more information about microblading in New York.

What It Is

The first thing to know is what exactly microblading is. Technically, it is a type of tattoo, but it isn’t the same kind you may expect. Where eyebrow tattoos are permanent and use a machine, microblading uses a hand tool to create shallow cuts on the skin and let the pigment seep in instead of injecting it deep in the skin. This procedure only lasts one to three years depending on the retention in your skin, so if you aren’t a fan, know that it isn’t a permanent commitment.

Another thing to know about microblading is that it is supposed to look natural. This is because the needles are small and the machine is hand-held, so there is a lot more control and the tattoo can be made to look like hairs. This is important, as most people want their eyebrows to look natural even if they are getting them microbladed.

Why Get It

There are many reasons to get microblading in New York City, and it isn’t always just about the most popular fashion. If you have thin eyebrows or no eyebrows at all, microblading is a great procedure for you, especially if you are self-conscious about your brows. This technique can also be used to correct asymmetry in the brows.

Appointment Considerations

Another thing to consider is when and how long to make your appointment. Make sure that you allow for extra time in your appointment to ensure that you get the best results. Go at a time that you don’t have to rush off immediately afterward, and consider arriving a little early. Don’t go drinking a lot of alcohol the night before your appointment, as that will cause excess bleeding during the procedure and may have a bad impact on the results. Don’t go to the beach the next day, either, because the incisions will be open for a few days and you want to make sure you are not getting the brows wet.

Pain Level

Some people often wonder about the pain of the procedure. As with any procedure, it will hurt more for some people than others. There is a small level of discomfort, but there are numbing creams available when you get microblading in New York.

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