List of Things You Should Do and Avoid for A Happy Marriage

Sustaining a marriage requires sustained effort from both the partners. Little changes in your attitude, behavior and lifestyle can improve your marriage and restore the love between the partners. So, before you start thinking that your marriage won’t work, try some useful tips mentioned in this article. 

Do not be a self-seeker.

This is seen to be one of the important reasons behind an unsuccessful marriage. One of the partners in marriage shows this type of sign. Whenever in an argument, people want their own way. They don’t have the humility to accept their flaws.

This makes the relation bitter. What needs to be done is to listen to your partner, thinking that he is not your opponent. Put yourself in his situation to understand him better. Don’t fight to win an argument and it is not the objective.

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Do not get easily angered

In this busy life, it has been seen that people are losing their patience. They lose their temper at the drop of the hat. You can show your anger turn by turn. Instead of yelling and letting down others, display of anger should be done in a constructive way. Keep your cool, acceptance and letting go are the things that you should cultivate to have a happier married life.   

Do not keep a record of all his wrongdoings

This is another terrible mistake that does no good to any of the partners in the marriage. It is not right to keep all these things within yourself and suddenly one day you bring up all issues at once.

It is like building anger inside and then erupting like a volcano. For all those things that you don’t like, you can make him aware of them. It may be the case that he does not know what things make you set off. Nobody is perfect.

What you can do under this situation is to forgive the other person. It is the best antidote that will maintain love, peace and harmony in your relationship.

Do always protect.

It doesn’t take much to ruin a marriage. Demanding children, financial issues, an affair outside, can all be the reasons to destroy a happy married life. You need to be alert of all these issues and try to keep them away as much as possible.

Do always hope

Maybe you are struggling through a lot of issues in your married life, and even after making a lot of efforts you find that the situation is not getting improved. In those trying times, one of the best things that you can do is to believe in God and hope for the best.


There can be numerous reasons that can set you apart. If you wish to make your married life happy and loving, then all these above simple and effective tips will benefit your relationship.