4 Common Fashion Uses for Neoprene Fabric

Neoprene is a common material used for a variety of objects, such as laptop sleeves, seat covers, and mobile phone cases. This rubber-like material is soft and thin, making it comfortable to handle and breathable. These attributes also make it a popular material for certain types of clothing. Here are four ways that neoprene fabric for sale is used in fashion.


The most commonly-known use for neoprene in outerwear is as a scuba suit but it is also used in a variety of other ways. Designers have begun using the material to design clothing that can be worn year round. During the spring and summer, it is breathable enough to wear around in the warmer weather. The rubber-like material also keeps you warm when worn in the colder months of fall and winter. You can find this material in a variety of thickness to fit the weather.


Neoprene is most commonly worn in the water by surfers and scuba divers, but this is also a great material to be worn as a typical swimsuit. The thickness allows it to last longer than other types of swimsuits and allows it to be fashionable, even if you’re not in the water. When you’re not swimming, it will allow you to wear the swimsuit around the beach or town while remaining fashionable. For this purpose, neoprene is usually a minimal thickness of one or two millimeters.

Halloween Masks

This type of material is ideal for Halloween masks, which is why many companies have begun using it for this purpose. It can easily be designed to match whatever mask you wish to wear and is breathable so you can wear it the entire night. When Halloween ends, the mask can be worn when taking part in winter sports to keep the harsh cold away from your face.

Shoe Covers

Most fashionable shoes, unfortunately, don’t handle certain conditions very well. Wearing them in rain can ruin the tread on the bottom and they are not very resistant to wind. Neoprene offers protection from the elements so that you can wear them wherever you want while keeping your shoes in good condition. These covers are also breathable and durable so that you can wear them whenever needed and can use them for a long period of time.

While most commonly used for wetsuits, there are a variety of ways in which neoprene fabric for sale can be used in fashion. These are just some of the clothing you might notice in the future.