Your Guide to Food and Wine Pairing

When it comes to food and wine pairings, finding the right balance of flavors is the key to success. However, narrowing down your wine options can be difficult depending on the dish you plan to serve. Whether you’re preparing a meal at home or eating out at the best restaurant in Alpharetta, GA, having a basic understanding of how to properly pair your food with wine can significantly enhance your next dining experience. Here are a few ways to pinpoint the right wine pairing based on the distinguishing characteristics of a dish.

Acidic Foods

Acid is a major characteristic of both food and wine. When determining the right wine to complement a highly acidic dish, it’s important to ensure that the acid level of both the wine and food is equivalent, or else the wine will seem watery and tasteless. Some of the most difficult acidic dishes to find a wine pairing for are salads. Reducing the amount of lemon juice or vinegar in dressing can help you harmonize the acidity between the two.

Salty Foods

Salty foods can restrict your wine pairing choices, as they tend to drain the fruit flavor of red wines and make white wines taste sour. But with a little creativity, you can come up with a flavorful wine pairing for a salty dish or snack. For example, sparkling wines are excellent with fried and salty foods, as the carbonation and acidic characteristics add both texture and flavor refinements. Salt is also one of the main characteristics of certain seafood dishes, so pairing acidic wines with a dish like oysters the salt and harmonize the salty flavor.

Sweet Foods

The key to pairing wine with sweet foods is to consider the dish’s level of sweetness. Recipes with only a small amount of sugar can be complemented with a rich white wine to unify the dish’s sweetness, whereas highly sugary dishes like desserts are best paired with wines that taste sweeter than the dessert itself.

Heavy Foods

Heavy dishes containing dairy and meat products often have high amounts of protein and fat. For heavy foods, the optimal wine pairings will be able to balance the fat with acid or even out the rich flavors with alcohol. Choosing the perfect wine and food pairing can be tough but considering these tips from the best restaurant in Alpharetta, GA, can help you establish a refreshing harmony between the food and beverage flavors in your next meal.